Walls & Roofs in Africa

As Africa’s leading specialist walling and roofing magazine, WALLS & ROOFS produces the most effective, market-leading publication in the industry which narrows the gap between service provider and client. Since its inception in 2000, WALLS & ROOFS’ news, technical information i.e. need for and trend-setting feature articles have set an industry benchmark that features highly technical topics such as façade hardware, fire specification, plaster and installation techniques. For more information on Walls & Roofs in Africa, visit www.wallsandroofs.co.za

Walls and Roofs JNL 3-2021
Walls and Roofs JNL 1-2021
Walls & Roofs JNL 7_2020
Walls and Roofs JNL 6 -2020
Women in Architecture
Walls & Roofs Jul/Aug 2020
Walls & Roofs Jun/Jul 2020
Walls & Roofs April/May 2020
Walls In Africa JNL 2 2020
Walls & Roofs Vol 21.1 2020

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